Top hat

Top-hat is special with its functionality. Thanks to the central table leg you can put more chairs around the table that yt the same size table with four legs. Produced: Latvia


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Dimensions Custom

Any desired finish

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Custom dimensions
Any finish

Important to note:

! When a chair is veneered, there will always be visible plywood edges- more contrast on darker veneers (wenge, walnut), less contrast on lighter veneers (birch, oak).
! When a chair is stained, it is always stained all through, including the edges. Same with new pigmented lacquer.

North will suit interiors were other metal elements have been usen. It can serve as a kitchen table or dining table in home interiors and as an office table or conference table in working spaces and as a café table or restaurant table in catering establishments.
The surface of the North table is available in different sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular or oval). This plywood table looks good with chairs with metal legs.