Flow chairs in Decospan’s Treehouse

We are happy to show you our latest reference project. Our client Decospan is wood veneer developer based in Belgium. They have the same focus, idea and feeling about natural wood veneer, it’s possibilities and care for the nature as Plycollection has – creative and innovative, yet with respect for environment.

Decospan Treehouse – the project where our Flow chair is chosen in different finishes. Treehouse is a truly amazing inspirational centre where Decospan business partners can discover all the possibilities of veneer. Various finishes of the Flow chair were chosen to show how different veneers can emphasize design. We believe that Decospan Treehouse intro video and photos will be a great inspiration for you as well.

Enjoy the natural elegance!




© Frederic Vercruysse (12)

Photographers : F. Bogaert & F. Vercruysse
Contact Decospan for more information about their wood veneer panels, floors and other products via www.decospan.com or info@decospan.com